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Roomreader - Coming Soon To Yetitool

Roomreader - Coming Soon To Yetitool

YetiTool is excited to announce that we are developing a new product that we hope will enhance the CNC cutting experience. Our vision is called RoomReader - a 2D laser scanner designed to make scribing a wall (including corner angles) simple, and automated.


Our vision was simple, Roomreader has two lasers - one for alignment which is visible, and one infrared for scanning. We want you to be able to set the RoomReader up on a tripod, set the height using the visible laser line and choose the angle you want to scan. Press go and it will scan that area, converting that information into a file ready to be cut. This will eliminate the laborious task of taking measurements manually (measuring a shelf for a stone wall, for example) and mitigate human error.

Staying true to our brand RoomReader is portable, lightweight and affordable. Focussing on accuracy (+/- 1.0mm) rather than speed or range, RoomReader will be more useful to a wider range of users, and priced at a point that hopefully many will be able to afford, whereas previously this technology may have been priced our of reach. 

Our target launch date is May/June 2021, and we will continue to publish updates on development as we go. We hope you are as excited as we are.




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