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The Naked Woodworker

The Naked Woodworker

About Martin

Martin Johnson is a Seattle-based carpenter who is taking on the challenge of branching further out into woodworking, with the help & support from our US reseller Eric Schiller, (link to Eric's site) and SmartBench! The Naked Woodworker is his newest business venture which supplies custom, traditional woodworking pieces made in his home work-shop from repurposed wood.


Quote from Martin

"I plan to integrate the SmartBench on several levels with my woodworking. I am highly likely to purchase more of them as I continue to gain proof of concept...I know for a fact I will be purchasing at least one additional SmartBench to carry in me enclosed trailer for onsite use, leaving one in one of my shops for use in my construction company and/or home wood shop."


Facebook: @nakedwoodworker

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