SmartBench | The Worlds First Industrial Grade, Portable CNC Router

SmartBench | The Worlds First Industrial Grade, Portable CNC Router


The world's first industrial grade, portable, smart router.

Welcome to a new world of cutting.
Yeti Tool's SmartBench A CNC Smart Router
YetiTool's SmartBench A CNC Smart Router

Our entry level CNC router is packed with all the standard features you need to get the results you want, fast and first time. With it’s simple to use touchpad and portable frame - release your creative potential and decrease your workload with this innovative, standalone tool.

Included with your purchase are a dust extraction hose and power cord, pairing clean cutting with a clean workspace. Easily connect to your own system, and enjoy a dust-free experience!

If that’s not enough, SmartBench can process the largest of standard size sheets in one go, eliminating the need to cut sheets down to size. Our philosophy - work smart - means that we don’t want anything to slow you down.

Buy your SmartBench now

£3495.00 Exc VAT and shipping
Earliest Availability May 2019
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Ease of use
  • Intuitive touch screen control.
  • Wi-Fi/USB connectivity for simple file transfer.
  • Z Probe for fast, easy and accurate setting.
  • Extraction system for clean operation.
  • Pack up and store away in 3 minutes.
Improve efficiency
  • Autonomous cutting – Working with you. SmartBench gets the job done whilst allowing you to get on with other tasks.
  • Fast setup – plan your job on the touch screen, set your materials and press go.
  • Astonishing job time – SmartBench can perform multiple cutting operations, dramatically improving your job time.
  • SmartBench fits into a SWB van.
  • Sections have been made to be handled by one person.
  • Nothing more required to start producing standard shapes than SmartBench and a router bit.
  • Set up on site within 3 minutes.
Big capabilities
  • Process up to 2500mm (98.43'') x 1250mm (49.2'') sheets edge to edge.
  • Use SmartBench in feed-through mode and process any length of work surface.
Multi materials
  • Softwood and hardwood timber sections up to 150mm thick.
  • Timber based composite boards
  • Composite worksurfaces
  • Polycarbonate, Acrylic and other forms of plastic
Quality and accuracy assured
  • Finished part accuracy of +/-0.125mm (0.0049'')
  • CE certified
  • Remote software upgrades means you get the benefit of our ever increasing library of cutting apps
Safety in mind
  • E Stops
  • Interupt bars along the x axis
  • Cutter door open cut out switch
Yeti Tool Knowledge Base
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Visit the SMARTBENCH category in our knowledge base here


X axis travel

1265mm (49.8'')

X max speed

15 meters per minute (590'' per minute)

Y axis travel

2515mm (99.0'')

Y max speed

15 meters per minute (590'' per minute)

Z axis travel

152mm (6.0'')

Z max speed

2 meters per minute (78'' per minute)

Max sheet cut size

2470 x 1237mm (97.24'' x 48.7'')

Max depth of material

152mm (6.0'')

X & Y Axis

Rack and pinion

Z Axis

Lead screw

Processing your model


Fusion 360 Recommended

File Types

G Code



5,000 - 29,000 rpm (model dependant)


Max shank 10mm (0.394'')

Finished Part


+/-0.125mm (0.0049'')

Power requirements


230v or 110v


1400 watts

Physical dimensions

Horizontal working


2740mm (107.9'')


1650mm (65.0'')


1350mm (53.2'')

Shipping dimensions


2850mm (112.2'')


600mm (23.6'')


400mm (15.8'')


88kg (198lbs)

What else do I need?
CAD/CAM software

In order to get cutting, you’ll need to use your own CAD/CAM software to design and create your projects. We recommend you use Autodesk's Fusion 360 to model and CAM process your files. Fusion is free to makers, education and small businesses.

Other G Code generating CAD/CAM packages can be used.

Yeti Tool Knowledge Base
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Visit the SOFTWARE category in our knowledge base here

Router bits

Standard router bits can be used to fit the router head.

Yeti Tool Knowledge Base
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Visit the ROUTING TOOLS category in our knowledge base here


You will need to provide an extraction unit to attach our standard hose to, and then plug the power supply into the on/off socket provided.

Yeti Tool Knowledge Base
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Visit the EXTRACTION category in our knowledge base here

Warranty & Installation

We've designed our routers as a self install product to negate the need and cost of any professional installation.

Once you receive your router and have unpacked it, installation is easy, just follow our comprehensive instructions and you'll be up and running in approximately 5 minutes.


We offer a 12 months parts and labour (excludes wearable parts) return to point of purchase warranty.

For more information visit our knowledge base here.

Shipping & Packaging

We appreciate the experience of receiving your router is all part of the buying experience. So we've thought about that too.

Once the carrier has delivered your new router our packaging has been designed to be easily separated into three packs, each of which can be handled by a person.


Deliveries start from March 2019

If you order direct from us our typical delivery service is as indicated below.

  • UK 1 - 3 working days
  • Europe 2 - 4 working days
  • North America 3 - 5 working days
  • Rest of the world 5 - 7 working days

Of course the speed of delivery depends on the freight service you choose.

Our distribution partners will offer quicker shipping times, please check with them at time of purchase

Earliest Availability May 2019

Be first in line, buy your SmartBench now

Prices start from £3495.00 Exc VAT and shipping
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