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I appreciate you all for your hard work and the design that you have put into the product.
— Z Jacob
Having a great time using my Smart Bench. 50 years of wood working and this is my first CNC
— JA Augustine
I'm still in awe over the accuracy on this tech
— Dallas Moman

Large Capabilities

Process up to full 2500 x 1250mm sheets (8ft x 4ft)
Now you too can work with industrial sized sheet material, whatever your environment. With full reach over its entire working area, don’t be afraid to think big.

Easy to use

New to CNC?
Get started in no time with SmartBenchs intuitive touchscreen console and ground-breaking cutting apps that allow you to design and cut without having to leave your workshop.


Space Friendly

Don’t lose real estate
Don't want to use a large format CNC router all the time? No problems, pack down your SmartBench in just 3 minutes, and store away when not in use.


Easy to justify
Our goal is to make CNC accessible to everyone, not just large businesses with deep pockets. You won’t find another large format CNC machine that comes close to our price range.

Meet SmartBench


All you need to know


New to CNC? No problem


Don't just take our word for it


SmartBench at work


CNC Stylus


Control in your hands

SmartBench's intuitive touchscreen console revolutionises the CNC workflow and allows you to start cutting with ease.
Intuitive tabbed workflows
We’ve taken inspiration from mobile and PC manufacturers and separated the workflow process into simple tabbed screens to allow you to stop scratching your head and get to work.
Total connectivity
Get software updates & transfer files directly to SmartBench via wifi or USB

Full 3D routing

With X, Y & Z axis control, bring your ideas to life with true 3D routing.
  • 150mm of Z travel
  • Carve across the entire width and length of the work piece
  • Depth of carve limited to cutter length and material types

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CNC Stylus

Unlock the capability to plot or vinyl cut with CNC Stylus
  • Plot with any pens or pencils you have - min dia 8mm max dia 16mm
  • Cut a range of different vinyls - rigid vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl
  • ER25 collet makes for an incredibly flexible tool holding system.
  • Constant pressure system gives smooth, even cuts or lines
  • 43mm collar allows CNC Stylus to be used in other CNC platforms

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Manage your jobs, maintenance tasks and your team with SmartManager - the smarter way to work.
  • Monitor your SmartBenches with our single or multiple machine licence package
  • Realtime job feedback on mobile or desktop
  • Comprehensive job setup information on the console improves job processing
  • Operator feedback on job completion gives ability to improve cut file strategy
  • Realtime maintenance task reporting

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Multiple materials

SmartBench allows you to process a wide range of materials
  • Timber based materials
  • Solid surface materials
  • Hard & soft plastics
  • Non-ferous metals

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Accurate and repeatable

Intelligent software works with precision components to reliably deliver accurate finished parts.
  • Finished part tolerance starts from +/-0.5mm
  • Listen to your cut and improve your results with "on the fly" realtime control of cutting feeds and speeds.
  • Automatic squaring from your touchscreen console.
  • Easy to use calibration walk through app.

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Transport and pack away

3 minutes is all it takes to get cutting
  • Bring SmartBench with you to jobs
  • Our 8x4 bench fits in a SWB van when packed down
  • SmartBench Mini can fit in your car when packed down
  • All sections can be easily handled by one person
  • Conveniently store away when not in use
  • Set up on un-even surfaces with height adjustable feet

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Improve Efficiency

Adding automation to your workflow comes with obvious benefits -
Now you can get on with other tasks whilst SmartBench handles the rest.

Simplified process

We’ve streamlined the CNC workflow to allow you to progress from designing to cutting in three simple steps.

See what SmartBench users have been up to

Designed for everyone

Whether you’re in industry, education or a hobbyist SmartBench has features that will tick all your boxes!
From saving space to being affordable to large format to ease of use, why wouldn’t you buy into the SmartBench revolution.


Take back control and increase profitability by adding large format CNC capabilities to your business.


Give the kids the ability to produce projects they couldn't do before with our affordable large format CNC solution


Add affordable large format CNC routing to your making possibilities without having to build a separate workshop.

Software solutions for all

95% of CAM packages will produce GCode to run SmartBench.
We know it can be daunting to learn new programs when you’ve invested so much time in the ones you currently use, so with this in mind we offer the following solution to cater for all.

Vectric VCarve Pro

Vectric VCarve Pro gives you the power to quickly and intuitively design in 2D, as well as the freedom to import files from most 3rd party design software from illustrator through to Sketchup.

Price £540.00 one off payment

Your Questions Answered

We have a range or resources available to users who are new to CNC.


Our getting started videos will walk you through everything you need to know about using SmartBench for your projects, from your first set up & design through to operation & support.

CNC Academy

Gain confidence in CNC machining with our CNC academy - all the knowledge and tools you will need to take that next step in expanding your business with SmartBench.


SmartBench is taking the world by storm, but don’t take our word for it. Join the Yeti Tool Talk group on Facebook and speak to hundreds of SmartBench owners about their experience!