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Unleash your imagination with SmartBench: the easy to use large format CNC router


Revolutionise your industry with SmartBench, the portable CNC router trusted by industry professionals. Whether you're looking for precision cuts or versatile design capabilities, discover the game-changing benefits of SmartBench for your industry today.

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Manage your jobs, maintenance tasks and team with SmartManager


CNC Stylus

Unlock the capability to plot or vinyl cut with CNC stylus

CNC Stylus

SC2 Spindle

With the SC2 spindle, you can upgrade your PrecisionPro to a PrecisionPro +

SC2 Spindle


SmartBench is 100% portable.

SmartBench has a 3 minute assembly time and our heaviest part weighs just 22kg. It packs down to 2.7m x 0.5m x 0.5m, making it easy to store, with an operational footprint of 2.8m x 1.7m x 1.4m. It can fit in an SWB van for CNC on the go.

Large Format

Full-size CNC machine.

SmartBench can process 2.5m x 1.25m sheets. It can hold materials as thick as 152.4mm and has a Z-axis travel of 130mm.

Easy To Use

Designed with you in mind.

We have included many user-friendly features, including a 7 inch touchscreen console, spindle overload monitor, and intuitive app based functions.

AI Milling

A world first.

YetiPilot AI Milling is a World first! YetiPilot constantly monitors spindle load and reacts to ever-changing mid-job variations, optimising jobs and improving job success rate.



£5795 Exc VAT (For UK Market)

Our revolutionary entry-level CNC with all the great ease-of-use features, including Job recovery.


£6795 Exc VAT (For UK Market)

All our groundbreaking PrecisionPro features with the addition of YetiPilot, our AI milling function.


£7795 Exc VAT (For UK Market)

Supercharge your factory with SmartBench PrecisionPro X – the CNC power tool for manufacturers!

Features PrecisionPro PrecisionPro + PrecisionPro X Pro Pro + Pro X
Spindle SC1 1kW SC2 1kW SC2 1kW
Motor Speed Control
Auto stop if spindle overloads
Realtime overload display
Dual lead screw Z Axis
Laser X/Y Datum Point
Part Precision +0.5mm or better
Collet type ER 16 ER 16 ER 16
10mm Max shank diameter
Job Recovery
External Extraction up to 1.5KW
Console Ver. Version 1 Version 2 Version 2 XL
YetiPilot (AI Cutting) -
SmartManager Optional Extra Included Single Licence Included Multi Licence
Max Material Size 2500mm x 1250mm 2500mm x 1250mm 2500mm x 1250mm
Pack Down time 3 Minutes 3 Minutes 3 Minutes
Available Sizes Mini / Standard Mini / Standard Standard
BigFoot - -
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Cost of owning & running a SmartBench
£600 Exc VAT (For UK Market)

Total capital spend:


Running cost per year:


Maintenance cost per year:


The figures are calculated with the following averages: Cutter cost each, Cutter run time of hours, Extraction bag cost and Extraction bag life of hours

The SmartBench Workflow

Assemble in under 3 Minutes

SmartBench stands out as a highly portable solution, as it can be effortlessly assembled in just three minutes, providing unmatched convenience for users on the move.









is that simple

What can SmartBench do for you?

  • Eliminate outsourcing of CNC
  • Increase your capabilities and open up more profitable opportunities
  • Improve your production efficiency via job automation
  • Reduce your energy costs with single-phase energy consumption
  • A low-cost tech adoption thanks to all of the FREE Yeti Tool resources

Who is Yeti Tool?

Yeti Tool strives to solve the unsolvable. We constantly push boundaries and find innovative solutions to problems.

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