Warranty terms and conditions

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Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All Yeti Tool products are carefully checked and tested to meet a high level of quality. In addition to any statutory rights resulting from the purchase, all Yeti Tool products are covered by the warranty stated below.

The terms and conditions


Warranty Period



The standard warranty period on all Yeti Tool products is 12 months (Warranty Period).


The Warranty Period begins from the date the product is activated.


Any claim made under this warranty does not alter the Warranty Period.


Warranty Conditions

2.1 This Warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement of the faulty product provided that any fault in workmanship or material existed at the date of purchase. Where parts or products are no longer available, alternative products of a similar specification may be supplied. No further costs or losses can be claimed

2.2 This warranty only applies to new product(s) purchased from a Yeti Tool dealer - listed here: https://www.yetitool.com/about/partners

2.3 This warranty is personal to the original purchaser and is non-transferable

2.4 In the event that the machine is resold, the warranty does not carry over to the new owner

2.5 All Warranty claims must be received by Yeti Tool (or a Yeti Tool Dealer) within the Warranty Period

2.6 Yeti Tool offer a collection service for Warranty claims made through Customer Services (01275 217060 / support@yetitool.com), but reserve the right to recover transportation costs for invalid claims.

2.7 Where invalid Warranty claims may be repairable, Yeti Tool may offer an estimate for the cost of repair.

2.8 Yeti Tool will aim to send out a replacement part/ item within 48 hours (stock dependent).

2.9 Any replacement items will receive a 3 month warranty from date of receipt by the customer

2.10 Yeti Tool will aim to send out a replacement part/ item within 48 hours (stock dependent)

2.11 We reserve the right to collect the faulty item, at the cost to Yeti Tool, for inspection and diagnosis. If the item is not returned, we have the right to invoice for the item.

3. Warranty Conditions

This warranty does not cover:

3.1 accidental or wilful damage;

3.2 products that have been altered or modified in any way;

3.3 products serviced or repaired by unauthorized Yeti Tool Dealers

3.4 products connected to improper power supply;

3.5 products with defaced, altered or removed identification labels;

3.6 damage caused by neglect, overloading or misuse;

3.7 damage resulting from improper or lack of maintenance;

3.8 damage caused by foreign substances;

3.9 damage caused by use of unauthorized and/or third-party parts and accessories;

3.10 parts and accessories which are subject to fair wear and tear;

3.11 consumable parts which are intended to be replaced during the life of the product as identified in the instruction manual;

3. 12 counterfeit or stolen products;

3.13 minor deviations from the specified quality that do not affect the functionality or value of the product;

3.14 partially or completely disassembled products