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What's Happening in Vegas?

What's Happening in Vegas?

The golden rule (What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas), is being broken this month as SmartBench travels across the world to get people talking. From the 17th - 20th July, YetiTool will be joining the thousands of people travelling to Nevada, to showcase their revolutionary CNC router at the AWFS show in Las Vegas.

AWFS will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and is to host some of the top manufacturers and professionals in woodworking equipment, exhibiting the latest in CNC technology, 3D printing, and much more.

This will be YetiTool’s first US exhibition, and they can’t wait to let SmartBench shine in the city of lights. Come and pay a visit to stand # 10034, and find out more about the world’s first portable, large format CNC router.



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