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Software Update V1.5.3

Software Update V1.5.3

User Experience Improvements & Patches

We are continually working on ways in which we can improve SmartBench user experience, to ensure our customers are operating their machine as safely and efficiently as possible. Following some feedback we have put in place the following console improvements.

User Interface

  • New safety screen has been added prior to every job start to prompt customers to follow best practice
  • USB popups have been removed from file loading and replaced with less intrusive banners
  • Shut down explanation has been added to the Shut down pop-up, with an option to shut down immediately
  • 'Quit to Console' has been changed to 'Exit Software' in System Tools
  • Advisory has been added when checking a job to detect if the spindle is not turned on by the cut file




Job Streaming Patches

  • Pausing during a job (particularly repeat pausing) could cause grbl oks to be miscounted, which prevents the job from registering as completed. This has now been patched
  • Maintenance runtime is now recorded with pausing and cancelling taken into account


  • The 'Go' screen now resets after alarm and error screens (which cancel the job automatically)
  • Double tapping the probe button has now been disabled as this would cause an error
  • In file checking error codes were referencing the wrong line, this has been fixed
  • Patches to file checking to ensure consistent and reliable exit from the 'Check Job' screen, including if check is cancelled.
  • Added error handling which stops the file chooser from crashing if someone accidentally deletes the job cache 


  • Added M02 to command blacklist (variation of M2)




Software Updates