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CNC Stylus is here

CNC Stylus is here


What is it?

Turn your SmartBench into a CNC multitool with the CNC Stylus, our unique large format pen plotting and vinyl cutting adapter.

The CNC Stylus comes with Sharpie pens and a vinyl cutting cartridge with blades included in order to get you started. However, unlike other machines you are not limited to custom cutters/bespoke pens - you are able to use anything you have to hand.

How does it work?

Stylus cleverly uses gravity as a constant pressure to always ensure a consistent force is applied at the tooltip ensuring a smooth even cut or line.

Not only that, to ensure total customer flexibility, we have designed the tool holding around the ER25 collet system, meaning a wide variety of pen, pencil or vinyl cutting tools can be used. 

Simply remove your spindle, pop in CNC Stylus, tighten the collar, set your Z Height and get going.

43mm collar size allows users of other CNC machines the ability to use CNC Stylus.

What’s in the box?

  • CNC stylus attachment

  • 8 - 16mm ER25 collets

  • Vinyl cutter cartridge

  • 15 vinyl cutting blades - (5 x 30 deg blade, 5 x 45 deg blade, 5 x 60 deg blade)

  • Vinyl cutter blade height jig

  • Quick start guide

What else do I need?

  • Strong, rigid and flat spoil board – 12mm melamine faced MDF recommended.

  • For vinyl cutting you may need a self-healing mat to preserve blade life.

  • Low tack tape or adhesive spray for holding your media.

  • CAM processing software – Vectric recommended.

How much does it cost?

Retail price £229 Exc VAT and delivery

What accessories will Yeti Sell?

We will only sell two accessories

  • Replacement vinyl cutting blades

    • 15 replacement blades as above 

    • Retail Price £11.99 Exc VAT and delivery

  • Vinyl cutting weeding kit

    • 18pc tool kit

    • Retail Price £17.99 Exc VAT and delivery

When can I order it?

Order from today onwards 

What support will be available?

A fully documented CNC Stylus knowledgebase section is available here.

Not only documents, there are also a suite of "how to use" videos available.




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