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SmartBench: Before You Buy

SmartBench: Before You Buy

Your questions answered

Still unsure if SmartBench is the CNC solution for you? We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked pre-sale questions, and created a video which answer all from machine specifications, setup and operation to additional requirements and after-sales service and support.


Points covered

  • What is SmartBench?
  • How does price compare with other CNC machines?
  • What makes SmartBench special?
  • SmartBench mechanics
  • Spindle overview
  • The different SmartBench models
  • Accuracy overview
  • Can it handle the workload?
  • How to operate SmartBench
  • What are the extraction requirements
  • What do I need to use as a spoilboard?
  • What are the site requirements
  • Site safety
  • What is the maintenance schedule
  • What are the wear items?
  • How can I learn CNC?
  • What else can SmartBench do?
  • Distribution - where can you buy from?
  • What customer support is available?
  • What is the warranty procedure?
  • Software updates

All of these questions are timestamped in the video description so you can easily skip to the answers you're looking for, or watch the entire video to get a more complete picture of SmartBench.