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Ligna: A Virtual Exhibition

Ligna: A Virtual Exhibition

We're going to Ligna 2021!


We have booked a virtual stand at the Ligna 2021 exhibition. The event will take place from Monday 27th September until Wednesday 29th September, and will be staged by Deutsche Messe and the woodworking division of the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering.

What you can expect

Once registered, over the course of the three days you can expect to participate in exhibitor livestreams/ video chats, listen to inspiring speakers in the daily livestream program, match with valuable contacts using their networking service and plan and make appointments!

Yeti Tool

Come and visit our virtual exhibition stand by searching Yeti Tool in the search bar. There you will be able learn about our company, view our range of products and arrange an appointment with one of the sales team who will be able to answer any questions you might have. We are especially interested in making new distribution connections to make SmartBench even more accessible worldwide - however we are always very happy to have conversations with perspective customers who think SmartBench might be a good fit for them or their business!

How to get your FREE ticket

Simply email to claim your free ticket and you will be provided with the required ticket registration link. We hope to see you there!





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