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Bjørn Knudsen

Bjørn Knudsen

Meet Bjørn

Based in the west-coast town of Stavanger, Norway, Bjørn creates table top arcade machines. He started making them after he had a disappointing purchase of a table top arcade machine from China,and so wanted to try making something better quality. At first he out sourced his CNC work to another business, however he wasn’t happy with the process and so decided to build the arcade machines from scratch himself - eventually leading to selling them.


Bjørn and SmartBench

After 5 years and with people constantly calling Bjørn to order the arcade table tops, he decided he needed a helping hand. This is when he became introduced to SmartBench.

"I decided to buy it, even though I had no knowledge of CNC-ing. Initially it was a bit of a learning curve. But, after some hours on YouTube, I felt confident enough to start using the machine. First try I forgot to set the Z-height and the router carved into the board. Since then it has been a breeze, even for a person with no prior knowledge of CNC. Easy to setup and easy to operate."


"I've used it for working with wood and when building furniture. It really gives you super powers. Nowadays I don’t even bother using the jig saw for smaller tasks. I just power up the Yeti, draw up the vectors and get going."

My advantage is that I am a senior UX/UI-designer and have been working with design and vector based design tools for 25 years. The part I had to learn was how to deal with tool paths and tool-types.


"SmartBench is a complete, creative package and gives you freedom. My favourite feature would probably be the small-form-factor."



Facebook: Bjørn Ivar Knudsen



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