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Martin Purdy

Martin Purdy

Meet Martin Purdy  

Martin Purdy is a skilled hobbyist who is based in Bristol, UK and creates a range of bespoke custom signs and wall art.  



Martin and SmartBench

Martin's been following SmartBench from the very beginning, after discovering SmartBench on an online advert.

"I just remember a sense of pride that something so innovative and clever was made so close to home." After some thought he eventually invested in one.

Now, Martin uses SmartBench for signs, plaques, jigs, MFT tables and wall art - with future plans of using it for shaker doors and other furniture.

"Smartbench has opened up so many new streams of projects for me. There is no way I would consider trying to make signs, wall art and v-carvings by hand. SmartBench brings a new level of accuracy, consistency and the ability to reproduce / replicate projects. I bought a SmartBench for various reasons. The product and its USP’s are only one part of what drove my purchase."



"It isn’t about one feature to me, SmartBench is intelligent, intuitive and adaptable. The touch off plate, the touch screen console, the built-in software system, the file transfer software, the ability to take SmartBench to site, the 8x4’ capacity makes it by far the most complete package on the market."

"With the knowledge base, YouTube library and the Academy, the idea of starting out with a CNC has never been so accessible to someone like me. There's something very unique and special throughout this brand, product, customer and technical support, software offering and user community. Yeti offers a comprehensive package that comes as standard with all the bells and whistles that a user would have to normally have to source and configure themselves with other CNC platforms."



Insta: things_marty_made


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