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Welcome to our news page. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of our products and how to use them, or if you wanted a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our growing business, then you’ve come to the right place!


Plastic Pods

Plastic Pods

Meet Plastic Pods

Set up in Southampton, Plastic Pods started as an experiment that was so popular it became the successful business it is today. Aidan (the director) built the pods in his spare time before deciding to list them on the Facebook market place, and in less than two hours the pods sold.


Plastic Pods and SmartBench

Their relationship with SmartBench started after one of their employees pitched it to them, initially as a tool for their boat business. However, it was soon incorporated into the pods too. Their SmartBench (nicknamed Steve), is used to personalise their products and to speed up production. "The SmartBench saves us a lot of time and helps us to manufacture our pods in bulk now."



"Our SmartBench is quick, useful and funnily enough it's quite smart. Also, we are very excited to try out the new vinyl cutting tool (CNC Stylus) and see if we can produce even more personalized products."


Insta: @plasticpodsltd 
Facebook: @theplasticpodcompany 


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