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Welcome to our news page. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of our products and how to use them, or if you wanted a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our growing business, then you’ve come to the right place!


Edwards Woodworks

Edwards Woodworks

Meet Edwards Woodworks

Edwards Woodworks (based in South Wales) originally began as an artisan wood gift company but quickly transformed into a joinery, shop fitting, furniture design and manufacturing business due to high demand. Now the company sub contract to several businesses in the UK, focusing on making furniture and public installations.


Edwards Woodworks and SmartBench

SmartBench has "totally levelled the playing field" for Edwards Woodworks. They rely far less on outside contractors, allowing them to monitor the quality and specifications of their projects.

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"Our favourite feature of SmartBench is the price point. It punches so far above its weight - it has opened the doors for businesses that don’t have the capital or space for a large footprint and costly machine, without compromising on quality and accuracy."

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Instagram: @edwardswworks
Facebook: @woodworkswales


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