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"SmartBench is the best flatbed CNC router for the price."

"SmartBench is the best flatbed CNC router for the price."

New and exciting innovations have led to one of the creators of our SmartBench stating it is "the best flatbed CNC router for the price."

We recently wrote about the SmartBench PrecisionPro model, calling it the future of portable CNC routing. Read here to find out more.


Ed Sells, Technical Director at Yeti Tool, the home of SmartBench, commented:

"SmartBench was created for the user who is new to CNC, as well as the more experienced machinist looking for a flatbed router at a low price."

"The software in SmartBench also had to cater for those with no experience of CNC routing, so we made the software similar to operating a smartphone," added Ed.

The software operation for SmartBench isn't on a green screen and doesn't involve typing complex operating instructions into a computer keyboard.

"The simplicity of our software means that someone new to CNC can get up and running within a few hours. It is on the cutting edge of technology," added Ed.


All SmartBench customers also get free software updates. The Yeti Tool technical team are constantly upgrading the software to increase the CNC functionality, adding new updates every 10-12 weeks on average.

The SmartBench is unique in being the only portable large-format CNC router on the market, which is easy to both pack away and assemble again.

"The SmartBench takes less than five minutes to put together or take apart," said Ed.

The Spindle on each SmartBench also has an overload feature, meaning it will shut down automatically to prevent a catastrophic failure on any job.

This helps to prevent damage to both the SmartBench and expensive stock.

"We offer software, hardware and seamless electronics together under one roof. Nobody else does that in CNC routing at this level," added Ed.

Finally, Yeti Tool gives all customers free online access to the CNC Academy, a dedicated resource offering How-To videos, tutorials, and CNC advice.

"The CNC Academy is a standout feature that takes users from beginning to end of their CNC journey in a structured manner," commented Ed.

To find out more about SmartBench PrecisionPro, our most popular CNC router, please visit here.

To find out more about SmartBench, please get in touch with us here.



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