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"Our SmartBench is a fast, accurate and efficient CNC router."

"Our SmartBench is a fast, accurate and efficient CNC router."

A Florida-based CNC business has seen its sales transformed since purchasing a SmartBench, and has called it a "fast, accurate and efficient CNC router" within months of purchasing it.

Husband and wife team Susan and Gene Wodzicki, owners of Color Image Designs, launched their company in 2011 and were initially using a hand-held router for project work.


Since purchasing a SmartBench, however, they have been able to scale up the business as well as offer customers additional, related services.

Susan commented on the journey their business has taken with SmartBench:

"My husband Gene and I combined our businesses in 2011. He had a sign and wrap business and I added direct-to-garment printing. We added CNC due to customer demand."

"We started using a hand-held machine, but six months later decided to go with a SmartBench. It is far more accurate than a hand-held CNC."


The business has taken off since utilising the portable, large-format CNC router from Yeti Tool, with new commercial opportunities opening up.

"We use the SmartBench for cutting lettering and shapes out of aluminium composite materials," commented Susan.

"We have been able to offer customers a wider range of products than before, and it's so much easier not having to move the router by hand anymore."


It's only been six months, but SmartBench has made a huge difference to the fortunes of Color Image Designs, as Susan highlighted:

"SmartBench has really helped us to raise our game and provide custom work for our customers, in-house. Our customers have to farm out jobs or do the work back at their shop if they have a CNC. As we offer a mobile service, we just set up our SmartBench and get the job done."

"Customers are very happy with the results. They can see what we can do on-site. We call our SmartBench 'Money Maker' and for good reason." 

"SmartBench is a fast, accurate, and efficient CNC router. We love it," concluded Susan.


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