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What were the highlights for the CNC sector in 2022?

What were the highlights for the CNC sector in 2022?

A new year is here, and as the Yeti Tool team embarks upon delivering exciting plans for SmartBench in 2023 we wanted to review the highlights of the CNC sector during 2022.


It was a challenging year for everybody in the industry, with real issues being consistently faced on the electronic supply side.

This led to a slowdown in product development at times, and we are looking forward to a resolution of these issues in 2023.

In line with the overall cost of living crisis, Yeti Tool saw cost increases in 2022, and we are hoping to see this come to an end so that we can maintain the outstanding affordability that is a hallmark of our SmartBench CNC router.

Interest rate rises and the ongoing cost of living crises in 2022 were hugely difficult for many, although we did see a 40% growth in sales in the final months of last year.


We have also seen a huge growth in the range of business users for SmartBench, and the way people are using CNC to create new businesses is amazing. 

We support this with free online resources and tools such as our unique CNC Academy, which is available 24/7 for SmartBench users.

CNC Academy continues to lessen the learning curve for new CNC users.

We saw a big rise in SmartBench sales to SME businesses in 2022, who are understanding how important it is to move forward with new technology and diversify their commercial offerings.

Yeti Tool also added another six global partners in 2022, despite extremely challenging economic conditions in Europe from the conflict in Ukraine.

Yeti Tool now has a total of 23 global partners as we head into 2023.


We also launched SmartBench Mini at the start of 2023. This is our most portable CNC router, specifically designed to manage 4x4 CNC projects.

Visit here to find out more about this new CNC router from our team. 

It's also worth reading this case study about how one of our customers used their SmartBench to develop and launch a completely new spin-off business in 2022. 

We also recently wrote about which portable CNC router has the best ROI - visit here to find out more.

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To find out more about SmartBench, please get in touch with us here.


highlights CNC sector 2022