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"My SmartBench CNC router is perfect for both wood and aluminium projects."

"My SmartBench CNC router is perfect for both wood and aluminium projects."

One of our long-standing customers has been experiencing incredible results using his SmartBench PrecisionPro in the world of Motorsports, commenting that it "cuts wood and aluminium projects" and is making light work of a campervan conversion, as well as offering multiple uses on different CNC work.

Rob Austin, Driver Coach for SpeedWorks Motorsport has used his SmartBench for various race car-related projects in the past, saving time and money.

More recently, Rob has utilised his CNC router from Yeti Tool on a new campervan conversion project, with surprising results: "I've been racing for 30 years, and have always rented motorhomes for race weekends. Since the first lockdown, however, I've been working on self-build campervans and the SmartBench has saved me thousands doing my own design prototypes on it."


Rob has used his SmartBench to produce 12mm plywood mock-ups for the aluminium bars on a solar panel bracket for his latest Mercedes Sprinter long-wheelbase campervan conversion.

He has also been using the CNC router to produce the woodwork for the internal items.

"I realised I didn't have to go to a machine shop, the SmartBench would be perfect for both the wood and aluminium parts of the project," said Rob.

"I designed the solar panel in Sketch Up, cut it in plywood mock-ups, and then cut it on 15mm aluminium once I was happy with the prototypes."

Rob has worked on three campervans to date, with the latest being the first self-build using a SmartBench.

"I'm so pleased to be able to get multiple uses from the SmartBench," said Rob.

"After a few basic iterations, it was so easy. It only takes two seconds to draw it onto the computer, then it is cut accurately every time. The SmartBench CNC router is perfect for both wood and aluminium projects, and it has been so much easier to do this campervan with it compared to the last one."


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CNC router for wood and aluminimum


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