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Wood by JAH

Wood by JAH

Meet Wood by JAH

When he isn't serving in the armed forces, Joe is in his workshop working away on a wide variety of bespoke projects, working with a range of materials including aluminium, brass - but mostly hardwood. 


Wood by JAH & SmartBench

Joe's work is featured on his Instagram, where he showcases his beautiful inlay and 3D carving work.



"SmartBench has improved all aspects of my joinery and projects, and to be frank allowed me to create things that I don't have the raw talent to create by hand. It is fast, accurate and super easy to use. Having never used CNC previously, the software was the biggest learning curve but once mastered, your own creativeness is the limit. SmartBench is my go-to machine and the hub of my workshop; I don't know what I'd do without it."



instagram: woodbyjah

"If you're thinking of taking the SmartBench CNC leap and want advice, send me a message on Insta I'd be happy to chat through it along with my learning journey. Likewise if you're in my local area, happy to show you around the machine (once it's corona-safe to do so.)"



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