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Outspoken Signs

Outspoken Signs

Outspoken Signs

A husband & wife dream-team, Tim and Shari took over running the family business 5 years ago to provide high quality creative signs and graphics. They work with their customers to ensure they get the best sign to fit their unique business / events. The services they offer include wall and window graphics, event displays, and routed signs for indoor and outdoor use.


How SmartBench Fits In

Before SmartBench, a lot of their business was outsourced while smaller projects were produced in house with the use of hand tools. Since introducing CNC to their workflow, they've been able to save money on sub-contracting, save time on handheld and generally increase the amount of projects they are able to produce in-house.



"The support provided by Eric Schiller (Yeti Tool SouthEast, LLC) and the corporate Yeti team has been great. While we've run into some challenges, we've been very pleased with the responsiveness and resolution. The Yeti SmartBench has expanded our capabilities and enabled us to do many creative projects for our clients and some personal projects that we only had dreamed about before."


Website: https://www.outspokensigns.com 

Email: sales@outspokensigns.com


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