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Software Update V1.6.0

Software Update V1.6.0

Troubleshooting Alarms

Sometimes when operating SmartBench, certain alarms can be triggered which will pause your job, or in some instances cancel your job altogether. We understand that having to cancel your job mid-operation for safety reasons can be frustrating, and so we have implemented a new procedure which makes troubleshooting your issue much easier. 

The first & second screens will tell you why your job has stopped, and instruct you on how to report the issue.


The following screens will provide your alarm report for you to photograph or download to USB to send to support via the ticket system. You will also be given a link to the relevant troubleshooting article on our Knowledgebase which will explain more about the error.


The final screen will inform you that your job has been cancelled. With the information you now have, support will be able to help get you back up and running much faster once a support ticket has been raised.


Patch notes:

  • Occasionally when a file is loaded which contains errors, it can lead to an unexpected crash. We've introduced a new screen which will prevent these occurrences and prompt the user to check their file.


  • SmartBench is now able to detect if a faulty USB stick has been inserted, and alert the user.


  • In the Shapecutter app, PrecisionPro users can now set their preferred spindle speed.
  • When a job is paused, the Z head is now raised to the home position, rather than moving within 1mm of the limit switch which occasionally could trigger an alarm screen.

As always it is highly recommend to stay up to date with the latest versions of software. If you experience any issues updating, please submit a support ticket



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