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 G&A Fitted and Freestanding Furniture

G&A Fitted and Freestanding Furniture

Meet Gareth Hamilton

Gareth Hamilton is the man behind G&A Fitted and Freestanding Furniture. Based in Galgorm, Northern Ireland, Gareth has built up over 6 years experience in many different areas of woodworking including Joinery, Wood Machinery and CNC Operating. Alongside this, in 2014 he also completed his level 2 Bench Joinery qualification at his local college - a 2 year course he was able to complete in just 28 days! 


Gareth and SmartBench

Gareth had been following SmartBench since it's early development, "...it was one thing I knew I would own, one day. No matter where I worked over these past few years I would have bent someone's ear about Smartbench." Thankfully in January of this year, Gareth started his business G&A Fitted Furniture and saw the perfect opportunity to purchase his SmartBench. The main selling point was it's ability to quickly complete jobs that would otherwise take too long to do manually.


Today Gareth's SmartBench is a multitasker - from cutting irregular shapes for fitted wardrobes, to drilling adjustable shelf holes in gables. Gareth's Yeti gets completely immersed in the cabinet making experience. Initially, it took Gareth some time to adjust to the speed and power capabilities of SmartBench, but he has now grown to "really love the machine" and can’t imagine running the workshop without it. 



"From a cabinetmaking point of view, there isn’t really anything I have needed to do on it that it couldn’t cope with. There are a number of ways SmartBench has helped my business: the speed in which I can work with it is fantastic, the accuracy I get from it is second to none and the opportunities to diversify into other lines of business make it invaluable. I find myself smiling each time I use it, my designs are a little bit more complicated for each client as I think of new ways to incorporate the Yeti into my work processes. My favourite feature is the ease of use. I have used much bigger and much more expensive machines previously and they can be daunting to say the least (not to mention expensive if you do something wrong). Once the program is on the memory card the ’tablet style’ display is literally Childs play, my 7 year old daughter has created a ‘home sweet home’ sign for her rabbit using it. Although, my main business is fitted and freestanding furniture, the addition of the new spindle with the vinyl cutter and pen holders already has me thinking about branching out in even more directions"



Insta: @garethhamilton
Email: hamilton.g@me.com
Facebook: @garethhamilton



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