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A day at the races...

A day at the races...

The Paddock Club F1

Being nearly halfway through the grand Prix's for the year the pressure is on and things are heating up! This means that the Paddock club is still open for business. The Paddock club is an exclusive elite club with the "best seats in the house". Providing an exceptional experience due to it's unique vantage point and exquisite food.


Cool-sign media and the Paddock Club

One of our fabulous customers, Cool-sign media - who you may previously know for making protective signs at the beginning of Covid-19; were contacted by a catering company for the Austrian formula 1 Grand Prix to produce the signs required for the Paddock club. Since purchasing their SmartBench Cool-sign media have utilised it to create LED signs, shields and now....

"We've done all these signs for a friend who can't cut forex in shape – all these signs were made for a big catering company "do & co" for The Austrian formula one  GP."


SmartBenches contribution 

Completing a staggering 184 signs, cut out from 5 mm forex in one pass, with 4 mm acrylics-cutter (1 flute) – one pass. "We cut out the signs from forex, a really easy job to do with SmartBench". They then stuck printed film on the signs to finish. "We do these kind of jobs every day – and SmartBench is involved!"



Website: https://www.coolsign-media.at/


  1. paddockclub(coolsignmedia).zip 8/16/2021 11:01:13 AM


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