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Sotware update V1.7.1

Sotware update V1.7.1

USB not recognised?

Some customers have reported that when inserting a USB into their SmartBench console, the USB wasn't being recognised. We have created a helpful new button in our system tools app to resolve this issue, should it arise!


If you start to see a problem, navigate to the system tools app and click on the new USB First Aid button. 


It will take you to a screen instructing you to ensure your USB stick is removed from the console, and then ensures that the stick has been properly ejected.


Once it has finished its checks, it will tell you it's safe to reinsert your USB. Your SmartBench console should now be able to pick up your files!


If you are still having trouble inserting your USB stick after using the USB First Aid button, please submit a support ticket and we will be able to assist.



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