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New video series - Inside: JR Projects

New video series - Inside: JR Projects

An inside look of JR Projects Ltd

To kick off our new Yeti Tool Visits video series, we were very lucky to be hosted by Jon Dawson and the team from JR Projects Ltd last week as they showed us around their incredible workshop. They took the time to show us some of the amazing things they've been able to create with SmartBench, as well as some exciting projects they have in the pipeline. You can watch our interview with Jon below, in which he speaks about his experience before and after purchasing SmartBench.


Meet the team


A dream team of 3, Jon, Russel and Salv work seamlessly together to create beautifully crafted bespoke pieces for high-end clients in London and the surrounding areas. Having never owned a CNC machine before, they were apprehensive about adding SmartBench to their workshop. However, after receiving a demonstration from John Tigg (Trend Tools UK), their concerns were put at ease. After learning (from the vast library of Vectric video tutorials available) VCarve Pro to design their projects, they were up and running from their first cut.

"SmartBench is a first class machine"

It is truly delightful to see how JR Projects Ltd have been able to transform their business, with SmartBench.

"Since we have had SmartBench it has taken our business to a different dimension. Things that used to seem impossible or too time consuming can now be carried out effortlessly, giving us time to come up with even more uses for the SmartBench and increasing our market size."  

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