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SmartManager is coming soon

SmartManager is coming soon

SmartManager is coming soon

SmartManager - the smart way of making more money with your SmartBench.

Improve production efficiencies with realtime SmartBench job monitoring on a mobile or desktop screen. See what your SmartBench/s are doing every second of the day from wherever you are, and plan your production schedule ahead of time.

Increase job turnaround time by sending critical job setup information straight to the SmartBench console along with the job file. Everything the operator needs in order to get started cutting, from material type & datum positions to feeds & speeds.

Reduce downtime by scheduling maintenance tasks around live on-screen prompts.


Production & Workflow

Send job files to SmartBench along with all the information the operator may require to start production. Improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Information you can attach: 

  • Material

  • Tool name & diameter

  • Tool type

  • Z datum position

  • X/Y datum position

  • Maximum feed rate

  • Maximum spindle speed

  • Maximum plunge rate

  • Stock material size

You can even make notes after job completion to make any improvements to your workflow and streamline repeated jobs. 

All critical job information is stored within the job file, so there’s no need to try and remember all the details for a job you did months ago - it’s saved and ready for you to repeat.



Job organisation from the desktop or mobile

Record detailed job information along with your job file, and get job feedback from the operator to make any adjustments for the next time it’s run.

Schedule maintenance before it stops production.

Accurately schedule jobs and improve production efficiency.

Get a better return on the capital investment by making the most out of SmartBench up time.

Detailed monitor or mobile phone dashboard, displaying real time job progress makes for efficient job planning.



Live maintenance item gauges - eliminate production downtime by scheduling maintenance.

Persistent overload gauge to assist tooling strategy.

Any customers running an AMB spindle will not be able to see spindle overload.

What does it cost?

Single SmartBench license £350

Multi SmartBench license £650

That's it, no recurring software payments/subscription.

What do you get?

  • Single or multi License for SmartManager

  • SmartTransferPro download

  • Console software update download

SmartManager will not work if the console software is not updated.

What else is behind the scenes?

With the software update, you will be prompted to accept our new data collection policy in order to enable Wi-Fi. This will allow us to enable smart features, and improve our services and support.

You will need Wi-Fi if you want to:

  • Automatically receive software updates

  • Use SmartTransfer (remotely transfer files)

  • Use SmartManager (Remotely manage and monitor SmartBenches)

Special offer - limited time only

From now until' the 31st Oct, get SmartManager Multi FREE when you purchase your SmartBench.

This offer also applies to all existing customers, simply apply for your free license using your console serial number here.  

EXISTING SMARTBENCH USERS: It is important to note that it is NOT purchase date we use to validate, it’s REGISTRATION DATE. Your SmartBench will need to have been registered before we can validate your free license.

Both special offers (New customers & existing) expire on Oct 31st.




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