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Sanderling Woodcrafts

Sanderling Woodcrafts

Meet Sanderling Woodcrafts

Based in Fylde Coast Lancashire, Sanderling Woodcraft produces custom furniture and signs including items such as beds! Sanderling Woodcraft first started as David making "items for his friends, neighbours and family" until someone suggested he should make it into a business, and that's exactly what David did.


SmartBench and Sanderling Woodcrafts

SmartBench is used "when accuracy is paramount and / or when a more complex or textured finish is requested." For instance when a local business requested some custom soap dishes! David also uses SmartBench for furniture such as cabinets or toy boxes, because it is easy and more accurate than cutting by hand which is crucial for items where repeatability is key.



"SmartBench is portable, capable and enabling. It's helped me to make products that stand out and that can meet a customers bespoke needs more easily. My favourite feature is it’s capacity and portability as they are probably the most practical feature. However, the excited child in me loves the zo (zero) function with the mirror plate as it makes me feel I’m tinkering with the flux capacitor from Back to the Future or calibrating the warp drive in Star Trek."



Insta: @sanderlingwoodcrafts
Facebook: @sanderlingwoodcrafts


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