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New software update - new language options

New software update - new language options

New languages available

Our next software update will introduce the first few language options for SmartBench consoles! The available languages will be English (GB), Italiano (IT), and Suomalainen (FI). More languages to be added soon - ask your distributor about this!

Core apps have been translated: PRO, Wi-Fi, Maintenance, Update, and System Tools. More apps will be translated in future releases.

Selecting your language

You are able to change the language on your Console by going into System Tools > System Info, and selecting your chosen language from the drop down menu.

User interface

We’ve added a new CNC Academy screen to the SmartBench activation sequence, so that new users can access the CNC Academy straight away.



Wi-Fi and Internet

The Wi-Fi symbol (bottom left-hand corner of the Console screen) will now show a warning symbol if SmartBench has Wi-Fi on a local network, but can’t connect to the internet. This will make it easier to diagnose any issues with internet connection. If you see this symbol, it indicates that there is probably an issue with your router or hotspot.


Technical changes


Improved power loss handling

For SmartBenches with firmware version v1.3.6 and above: software will now respond to the ‘r’ signal for power loss in the status updates. This will trigger a GRBL pause, which will raise the spindle very slightly before power is fully lost. This helps to stop the spindle from getting stuck in the workpiece if SmartBench loses power.


Wi-Fi and internet access


Wi-Fi checking has been moved out of screens and widgets and into the settings manager module.

Detect internet access

Wi-Fi check now includes a ping as well as a hostname check. This determines whether the Console is connected to the internet or a local network.

Interrupt bar screen

Increased the delay on unpause after GRBL door so that the Interrupt bar screen does not show up after a job is canceled.

Empty characters to serial

Empty characters would sometimes get passed to serial as encoded characters, and would not be readable, resulting in a serial error. These characters are now handled.



Software Updates