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SmartManager Available Now!

SmartManager Available Now!

Take a first look at SmartManager

As of today, we're excited to announce that SmartManager is live and available for purchase. SmartManager is a new job management software which allows you to remotely manage you SmartBench projects. Improve your production efficiencies with realtime SmartBench job monitoring on a mobile or desktop screen from wherever you are in the world. 

What can I do with SmartManager?

With SmartManager, you can:

Fine tune your job strategy - make notes after the job has run to improve repeatable cuts.

Utilise a detailed monitor or mobile phone dashboard, displaying real time job progress makes for efficient job planning.

Reduce your downtime by scheduling maintenance tasks around live on-screen prompts.

Increase job turnaround time by sending critical job setup information straight to the SmartBench console along with the job file.

Information you can attach:

  • Material
  • Tool name & diameter
  • Tool type
  • Z Datum position
  • X/Y Datum position
  • Max feed rate
  • Max spindle speed
  • Max plunge rate
  • Stock material size

All critical job information is stored within the job file, so there’s no need to try and remember all the details for a job you did months ago - it’s saved and ready for you to repeat.

Where can I get it?

SmartManager is available to purchase on our website here, or from one of our global distributors. For more information, or for any queries regarding SmartManager please email



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