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97 Customs

97 Customs

Meet 97 Customs

97 Customs began in a driveway in Vernon, Canada. Calvin De Boer had just finished building a campervan with a close friend, and after seeing how successful they'd been he decided to dive headfirst into the campervan business! With his skills extending from woodworker to electrician and gas field engineer, Calvin is able to work with his customers to create the customer camper of their dreams.


97 Customs and SmartBench

As a one-man operation, Calvin purchased SmartBench initially to offer a helping hand, cutting parts whilst he could get on with other tasks. Since having his machine he has built up his portfolio of CNC cut cabinets, allowing him to replicate common designs and reduce his overall build time - resulting in better profitability as he is able to take on more work. He now primarily uses SmartBench to cut custom designed cabinetry, along with some bespoke details he adds to the vans. Occasionally he is able to use his SmartBench for sign making, and has affectionately nicknamed his machine "Baby-bot".



"My favourite feature of SmartBench would be the interface. It's simple to use, and from having zero CNC experience I was able to do my first cut within an hour of opening the boxes! Since then I have come to appreciate the sawhorse style, as it allows me to store a large amount of plywood underneath the table. SmartBench is straightforward affordable CNCing."



Website: www.97customs.com
Insta: @97customs
Facebook: @97customs
YouTube: @97customs
Tiktok: @97customs


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