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Software Update V2.1.0

Software Update V2.1.0

New Languages!

New languages include Deutsch (DE), Français (FR), Polskie (PL) and Dansk (DK) from 03/05/2022.

Already available: English (GB), Italiano (IT), and Suomalainen (FI).

Core apps have been translated: PRO, Wi-Fi, Maintenance, Update, and System Tools. More apps will be translated in future releases.


Changing the language on your Console

You can change the language on your Console by going into System Tools > System Info, and selecting your chosen language from the dropdown menu. New SmartBench users will be able to select their chosen language on start-up.

[This video is from a previous software update which doesn't include the new languages, but the process to change your language remains the same.]

New features

Support button: Git FSCK (file system check)

If you're ever having trouble with updating your software, you can now run a check on the software filesystem to ensure that it is working correctly. 

This will help you to access the right support you need when raising a support ticket.

This can help you quickly access the support you need if you are having trouble updating your Console. To learn more, click here.




  • If a user tried to update software that was already the latest version, the “please wait” popup would stick and force the user to reboot their console. This has now been fixed. 

  • Saving the touchplate offset in the Maintenance app with an input outside of the permitted range now only shows one popup, rather than two as it did before.

  • Clicking save in the brush monitor tab in maintenance with an empty/invalid input no longer crashes the console.




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