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SmartBench delivers precision CNC to top British Touring Car Championship team

SmartBench delivers precision CNC to top British Touring Car Championship team

Yeti Tool is proud to announce that our unique SmartBench is delivering precision CNC perfection for a prominent race car team in the UK.


[Photo credit: @robbosmotorsportmedia]

SpeedWorks Motorsport is a British motor racing team based in Cheshire.

The team was formed in 2005 and is best known for competing in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

The BTCC is the UK's premier motorsports championship.

Rob Austin, SpeedWorks' Driver Coach and an experienced and successful driver approached Yeti Tool after seeing various How-To videos of SmartBench in action. He was impressed by the ingenuity of the product's design.

"The British Touring Car Championship is the UK's premier motorsport. It's known for being close and hard-fought. We are looking to challenge for the championship this year."

"Having seen multiple SmartBench videos, it looked great. Base wise it's compact with the ability to cut a full 4x8 sheet without requiring a £70,000 CNC which makes it really appealing."


[Photo credit: @robbosmotorsportmedia]

Rob and the team will be using their SmartBench to make high-precision splitters for the touring cars. These are consumable items, but they need to be very precise.

"People are surprised to see a splitter is made from plywood. They are in fact made from phenolic plywood. Each car will go through 15-20 splitters," added Rob.

"The splitters are really important in giving us up to an extra tenth of a second, which could make the difference of several positions in a race."

"My experience of operating CNC machinery hands-on is none so it felt initially quite intimidating but it is so intuitive it's like using your phone. The interface is really good. All the Yeti Tool videos are unique too," said Rob.

SpeedWorks are entering the BTCC this year as Toyota Gazoo Racing UK with branding in place.

Toyota Gazoo Racing UK is the UK's motorsport brand of the Japanese carmaker, and many divisions in various racing disciplines use the branding.

Working with Yeti Tool and getting up to speed on their new SmartBench has been a positive learning curve, according to Rob, with big improvements already being made using the splitters.

"Having the SmartBench will be a considerable saving financially for the project and should help them to win races," concluded Rob.

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