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Van Week

Van Week

Meet Van Week

Van Week is a French-based business specialising in creating custom cabinetry and travel trunks for vehicles. Established in January 2022, Van Week is headed by Cyril Beauchêne, a passionate cabinetmaker. He has been in the trade for more than 15 years. His business is in the heart of the Angevin vineyard in France.


Van Week and SmartBench

Van Week uses their SmartBench to create aesthetic, light, and comfortable trunks made to measure. SmartBench creates the templates and final product.



"SmartBench is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily create templates or repetitive machining with superior precision and cutting quality. In addition, the French version of the application simplifies my handling. Thanks to this tool, I can offer custom products at a reasonable cost for my customers. I can achieve machining quality that minimizes the sanding work and with the addition of a cyclonic vacuum system, I no longer worry about filling the vacuum bag. Coupled with the Fusion 360 Start Up solution, I benefit from a powerful tool that is perfectly compatible with the SmartBench."

vanweekSQYeti Tool SmartBench and Van-Week


Instagram: @vanweek_49
Facebook: @van-week
Youtube: @van-week


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