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Flowcar Van Manufacturers

Flowcar Van Manufacturers

Meet FlowCar Van's

This German business is founded by a duo - Flo and Carsten who first met while camping. They combined their love for van life with their learned professions and created FlowCar Vans.

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FlowCar Van's and SmartBench

FlowCar mainly use SmartBench for processing furniture panels to expand their vehicles. They also use the stylus set to cut car foil for labels and elements in and on their vehicles. FlowCar loves that everything is a much higher quality with SmartBench and easy to repeat. While SmartBench is working, they can now pursue other activities, saving them lots of time. 

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When asked what their favourite SmartBench feature was, this was what they had to say "difficult to say, setting up the machine was so easy and quick that we started machining straight away. We probably don't even know all the functions of SmartBench. But one of our favorite functions is the post-processing of products, which is very easy thanks to the laser cross."

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Instagram: @flowcarvans
Website: https://www.fc-vans.de/
Facebook: Flowcarvans




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