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What's the best CNC router for pro-hobbyists?

What's the best CNC router for pro-hobbyists?

Many of our customers have given us feedback recently to say that SmartBench is the best CNC router for pro-hobbyists.

Pro-hobbyists form an important part of our customer base, and we've seen a rapid rise in the last few years in the number of new customers. 

One of the most important factors for pro-hobbyists when it comes to purchasing a CNC router for their passion projects is the cost.

SmartBench has an easy cost justification for any hobbyists looking to utilise the power of cost-effective CNC.

SmartBench has the capacity to do so much on multiple materials that it presents a tangible opportunity to make more complex items more rapidly than doing so by hand with basic power tools. 

Our CNC router gives pro-hobbyists the ability to make their businesses more profitable, as well as freeing up their time to focus on growing their business.


Another critical element for pro-hobbyists looking to purchase a CNC router is space.

The vast majority of hobbyists do not have a large factory available to use their routers. SmartBench can be assembled and packed away in five minutes and requires very little space to be stored effectively and securely.

Because SmartBench delivers large-format CNC projects, pro-hobbyists can buy one with the confidence that they can compete successfully with larger companies.

A third factor for pro-hobbyists when it comes to using a new router is the ease of use. Hobbyists want to get up and running quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Yeti Tool offers free online resources at our CNC Academy where pro-hobbyists can access tutorials, How-To videos and in-depth articles on CNC routing for free.


We have also recently introduced YetiPilot which reduces the feeds and speeds the learning curve, allowing hobbyists to make projects faster.

A final factor that makes SmartBench the best CNC router for pro-hobbyists is the low energy consumption.

At a time when the cost of living crisis is affecting us all, having a CNC router that operates from a low electricity cost basis gives the maximum return on time and energy usage per project.

This means that our hobbyist customers can use a CNC router cheaply and increase their profit margin as a small business.


To see numerous case studies from delighted pro-hobbyist customers using our CNC router for their business, please visit here.

Read this to find out how SmartBench can help a small business grow in 2023.

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best CNC router for pro-hobbyists