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YetiPilot changes the CNC sector forever

YetiPilot changes the CNC sector forever

We're proud to announce that our latest innovation YetiPilot changes the CNC sector for both novice and expert users forever. 


YetiPilot is our unique in-house software that listens to the tool as a CNC project is being cut.

This software will then adjust to the spindle load according to factors such as tool wear, materials, speeds and feeds.


YetiPilot delivers adaptive feed rate control to our portable, large-format CNC router, meaning that SmartBench PrecisionPro + is an industry-leading router.


YetiPilot represents a world-first in CNC router development from Yeti Tool. 


SmartBench speeds up or slows down while cutting each project with the addition of YetiPilot, delivering the right speeds and feeds every time.


This takes the human out of the equation, increasing the effectiveness of each CNC project in production and offering users a closed-loop system.


Many customers using CNC routers for the first time are unsure of the right speeds and feeds to use.


YetiPilot removes the guesswork, saving time, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of wasted materials on every single CNC project.


You can see a demonstration video of YetiPilot in action here.


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To request a free SmartBench PrecisionPro+ demonstration, please get in touch here.


Whether you're a seasoned professional or a complete novice to CNC, YetiPilot allows you to access incredible features and the very best in effective CNC routing.


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YetiPilot changes CNC sector


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