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Gib's On It

Gib's On It

Meet Gib's On It

This Bedfordshire based business began in 2022 when one of the owners, Chris, wanted to work for himself. After trying a few things Gib's On It settled in the events industry. Today, they make party and event props using SmartBench.

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Gib's On It and SmartBench

Gib's On It love SmartBench as using a CNC router allows him to make a higher volume of props faster, therefore increasing their business revenue. They call SmartBench their 'employee of the month' and love that it is 'affordable and easy to use'. 

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SmartBench in '3 words: Simple, affordable, helpful'


Instagram: @gibs_on_it
Facebook: @gibswillhelp
Tik Tok: @gibswillhelp
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