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CMT Orange 5 Piece Down-cut Spiral Bit Set

5 Piece Box Set of CMT 192 Series Solid Tungsten Carbide Down Cut Spiral Router Cutters

Due to their spiral cutting edge which stays in continuous contact with the workpiece, these bits give a smooth, chatter-free cutting action, unlike conventional bits which have intermittent contact with the workpiece.

£291.69 Exc VAT

Used for cutting, copying, panel sizing and any routing applications on solid wood, wood composites, plastic materials and laminates.

Use a high feed speed on well-clamped workpieces. Can be used on machining centres, point to point machines, CNC routers and hand-held routers equipped with chucks or adaptors.

Super micrograin composition guarantees extremely sharp long-lasting cutting edges.

The spiral layout allows for a more efficient chip ejection, aiding cooling during work.

Two spiral cutting edges with downward chip ejection

Gives an excellent finish to the top edge.

Suitable for plunge routing.

This set includes Downcut Spiral bits of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm diameter on a 8mm shank

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Diameter (D)

4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm

Cutter Length (I)

12 - 35mm

Overall Length (L)

60 - 90mm

Shank Diameter (S)



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