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SmartBench PrecisionPro 120V Upgrade Kit (V1.2)

Upgrade your existing SmartBench to our latest PrecisionPro 120V (V1.2) version with our simple to fit kit.

The Precision Pro, our flag ship large format CNC Router is the one for anyone who requires a higher degree of performance and accuracy from a CNC.

With all the excellent features of the SmartBench Precision, the Precision Pro comes with real time spindle load display giving you access to all the cutting information you need whilst running a job, an additional Lead screw to improve rigidity in the Z Axis, and a laser X/Y datum which makes setting a job start point quick and incredibly accurate.

Upgrading is simple - replace your old upper X Beam and Z Head with the new V1.2 units, update your software to the latest version, calibrate and get back to producing again.  

*If you are not sure what model you currently own, please get in touch at

£3049.00 Exc VAT
SmartBench PrecisionPro upgrade
  • New paired upper X beam
  • New ZHead 2 with Dual Z Axis Lead Screws for additional ridgidity
  • 120V 1000W Spindle
  • Digital speed control
  • Auto Tool Stop if spindle is in constant overload
  • Real time spindle load display
  • Precision ER16 collet - max 10mm shank
  • Laser X/Y Datum set point system
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Power req:

120V/60 Hz

Max power usage:

1000 watt

Sound level:

71db (A)

RPM Range:

10,000 - 25,000

Collet size:


Max shank Dia:


Dimensions (L x W x H):

254 x 79 x 73 mm (10 x 3,11 x 2,87 in.)




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