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What is SmartManager?


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SmartManager is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), compliant with Industry 4.0 standards. It provides essential real-time data to the whole production team to streamline workflow and maximise productivity. SmartManager delivers the following features:

  • Remote real-time status & job history on dashboards, accessible from anywhere

  • Simple job file administration from PC to SmartBench, via Wi-Fi

  • Provision of job-critical data to the whole production team at all stages

  • Enabling of feedback notes from the operator

  • Maintenance status display for simple scheduling, maximising up-time and ROI

  • Notification of process-critical events

SmartManager is the collective name for 3 integrated packages from YetiTool. As jobs are put through SmartBench, these packages enable administrators, operators and managers to input and view live critical MES-data.

The packages include:

  • SmartTransfer Pro

  • SmartBench Console

  • SmartDashboard

SmartTransfer Pro

From a PC, a production administrator can organise and upload job files to SmartBench via Wi-Fi. MES-data can be assigned to each job.

MES-data allows for the following data entry:



SmartBench Console

From a SmartBench Console, an operator can read all the MES-data assigned to a job file. The operator can also add feedback to the end of a specific job for review at the dashboard level (e.g. parts made, success rate etc).


From a  web browser, a Production Manager can view live from dashboards, accessible remotely from anywhere:

  • machine statuses

  • job progress

  • job stress  

  • job histories

  • event histories

  • maintenance status 

All displays are designed to make it easy to monitor progress, and simpler to maximise productivity.

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Updated on Fri, 29 Oct 2021