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What maintenance is required?

As with any CNC machine, SmartBench requires regular maintenance.

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SmartBench is designed to be maintained by the operator, and has built-in automatic reminders to help you out. The level of maintenance required is fairly low, but necessary. 

Our manuals, online CNC Academy, and even the Console apps will show you how to carry out all of these maintenance tasks yourself. 

Interval maintenance tasks

Task + Links

Maintenance interval

Brush check

~50 hours - Check that both brushes are over 9.5mm, new brushes are 16mm for reference

Brush replacement

~120 - 500 hours (depending on your brushes and application)

Ensure the brush wire is reinstated on the side furthest from the PCB

Replacement brushes are available here

Z axis lubrication

~50 hours - We recommend a lithium based multipurpose grease (We use this grease in our factory)

Or if the machine has not been in use for a while, or stalling

Spindle clamping bolt grease

~50 hours - Remove the spindle clamping bolt - clean, grease then reinstate

Broken or damaged wheels

320 hours or when wheels are easily visible

Wheel setting Z-Head

Wheel setting Lower Beam

120 hours or when accuracy improvement is required


120 hours or when accuracy improvement is required


Between each collet change


The SmartBench Console has automatic built-in reminders for calibration, brush replacement, and Z axis lubrication. This will ensure your SmartBench performs as it should, giving you maximum uptime.


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Updated on Fri, 24 Mar 2023