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Rehoming and resquaring SmartBench

You may need to home SmartBench again, even after you have homed it on start-up. This article will go over when you might want to do this, and how to do it.

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If SmartBench is obstructed during a movement, it can lose position 

If SmartBench loses position, it will not know this, and you will always need to rehome SmartBench before carrying out further operations (including setting any positional settings, such as datum positions). 

If SmartBench loses squareness as well as position, you will also need to resquare SmartBench. If you resquare SmartBench, you will also need to home it again. 

If SmartBench only loses position but not squareness (e.g., in the event of an alarm), you do not need to resquare SmartBench.

If you are doing precision work, the homing tolerance may affect your job if you rehome SmartBench part way through, and rehoming should therefore be avoided. 

If you are doing precision work with multiple stages (e.g. tool changes), do not power cycle or rehome SmartBench part way through.

Should SmartBench lose position while you are doing precision work, you may be better off starting the project from scratch than trying to save it after rehoming.

When might SmartBench lose position?

SmartBench will lose position:

  • In the event of a power cycle.

  • In the event of an alarm.

  • In the event of an axis stall.

  • In the event that an axis is knocked out of position by an external force (e.g. if the operator bumps into SmartBench). 

How do I home SmartBench after start-up without resquaring?

You can rehome SmartBench at any time by pressing the home button in the PRO app. 

You can access the PRO app from the Console lobby. 

When do I also need to resquare SmartBench?

You will need to square SmartBench again if the X Beam gets driven or pushed out of place. This can sometimes be caused by an axis stall, or an accidental knock by the operator. 

How do I square SmartBench after start-up?

If you are using Console software version v1.7.1 or earlier, you will need to power cycle SmartBench, and then either manually or auto-square it as you would normally. 

If you are using a Console software version newer than v1.7.1, you can auto-square SmartBench without power cycling SmartBench. 

If you want to manually square SmartBench again, you will always need to turn it off first. 

Click here to learn how to manually square SmartBench or click here to learn how to auto-square SmartBench.

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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2021