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What other techniques can be used for workholding?

This article will give you a brief overview of other workholding methods.

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Dogs would normally be mounted on the surface of the Y Bench, so will only be suitable for the widths of stock material smaller than the width of the Y Bench. 

You can rout the wooden clamping panels of the Y Bench to have holes for the dogs in positions you need. 

There are  different designs of the workholding dogs available, please explore available options and choose a suitable one.

A: Holes in the clamping panel for dogs fitting.

B: Y Bench clamping panel.

C: Workholding dog.


Jig is a good solution for repetitive jobs, where the same size of stock material is used. 

We use jigs in the manufacturing of our own racks for SmartBench. The jig is attached to the Y Bench and has threaded inserts. The stock material is attached to the jig with screws.

A: Jig.

B: Stock material.

C: Screw.

Masking tape and superglue

Apply masking tape to the base surface (the spoilboard or the Y Bench) and to the material.

Fix the masking taped surfaces to each other by applying superglue to the masking tape of one surface, and stick both masking taped surfaces together. 

A: Material (spoilboard or stock material).
B: Base (Y Bench or spoilboard).
C: Masking tape.
D: Superglue.

Other techniques

You can use any other methods as long as:

  • The stock material is held in place and not moving.

  • The moving components of SmartBench do not interfere with the workholding.

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Updated on Thu, 08 Jul 2021