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Next steps...

Wondering what to do next now that SmartBench is set up and ready to go? You can set up SmartTransfer, start your first project, or learn a little more about the technical side of SmartBench.

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Set up SmartTransfer on your computer

SmartTransfer is a computer program that makes it easy to transfer files to SmartBench via your Wi-Fi network. 

We recommend that you set up SmartTransfer before you carry out your first project.

If you do not intend to transfer your files using a Wi-Fi network, you can transfer them using a USB stick instead. Click here to learn more.


Click here to go to the SmartTransfer tutorial.

Start your first project

Our First Project Tutorial will show you how to carry out a project on SmartBench from start to finish. 

You will be able to download pre-made job files during the tutorial, or you can make them yourself by following the optional Vectric part of the tutorial. 

Click here to go to the First Project Tutorial.

Learn more about SmartBench

If you want to learn more about the technical side of using SmartBench, you can read our guide on Essential Principles. 

Don’t worry - you won’t need to have read this guide before carrying out the First Project Tutorial. If you like, you can read this section while SmartBench is cutting your first project. We’re just putting it here as an option. 

Click here to check out Essential Principles. 

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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2021