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How to update SmartTransfer

This article shows you how to update the Yeti Tool SmartTransfer app.

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Download Now 

The download will start in the background before you see it appear on your screen, so please be patient.

Update prompts

When a new version of SmartTransfer becomes available, you will be prompted to update it. 

We recommend that you keep SmartTransfer up-to-date to get the latest features and bug fixes. 

Pressing “Yes” will close the prompt and open your browser to the update page.

Pressing “No” will simply dismiss this prompt until you next run SmartTransfer.

Download the install file

Click here to download the latest Yeti Tool SmartTransfer app, if you have not already.

You will see the download progress usually in the bottom left or top right (depending on your internet browser) of your screen. 


When the download is complete (no loading circle will show), go into your downloads folder. 

Right click on the zip folder called, select “Open with” and then choose Windows Explorer.


Once opened, select “Compressed Folder Tools”.


Select “Extract all” in the toolbar. 


Click “Extract”.


Wait while the files are extracted. 


Double click on setup.exe.

This will update SmartTransfer.

When the update has finished, the application will open automatically.

Version notes


Change notes


Implemented update prompts to notify the user when there is a new version of SmartTransfer available, with changelist. 

Fixed bug with crashes caused by a device having no available network adapters.


Implemented logging feature to output the connection logs to make diagnostics easier.

Fixed bug where some network adapter configurations would cause default gateway to be null not the same as SmartBench’s.


Listed SmartBenches now use the correct font.

Changed failed transfer icon to sad face to conform with EasyCut.

Invoke Select a SmartBench page title if required when editing on a new thread.

Updated window titles to reflect the new program name.

Updated main logo to higher quality image with trademark.

Program now correctly closes if the loading screen is closed.

Introduced a max character length for SmartBench names to fix the formatting issues.

Drag and drop text now uses the correct font.

Long SmartBench names no longer go off of the end of the transfer screen.

Set window titles programmatically to get name and version from program properties.

Adjusted “?” help icon sizing to better fit smaller screens.

Changed version number formatting.



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Updated on Wed, 24 Nov 2021