Check the following items every 50 hours

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Check the following items every 50 hours

50 Hour check

50 Operational Hours Check

Items to check and maintenance to perform every 50 hours of use.

Check and maintain the spindle

1. Remove the rear cover of your spindle as shown in the video at the bottom of the page.

2. Check the condition of the brushes.

Shut off condition!!
Less than 9.5mm (+/-0.2mm) long
Replace the brushes

New condition
16mm (+/-0.2mm) long
Continue using the spindle

3. Change the brushes if you see excessive wear

4. Clean any build up of dust or debris from around the armature


Lube the Z Axis Lead Screw

1. Clean away any debris that might have built up from the Z Axis lead screw we reccommend using WD40 and a paint brush

2. Apply a multi purpose lithium based grease to the whole length of the Z Axis lead screw.

3. After applying the grease run the Z Axis up and down to it's full extent to ensure the grease is covering all control surfaces.

4. Remove any excess grease at the upper and lower ends of the lead screw with a cloth.