MAKE: Magazine interviews YetiTool about their revolutionary new CNC machine - Yeti blog article in detail

Yeti blog article in detail

Making an impression with MAKE: Magazine

Making an impression with MAKE: Magazine

In the wake of MakerFaire Paris, the Yeti team has received an influx of interest about their new CNC router, SmartBench. One result of their attention was the opportunity to speak to MAKE: Magazine, who went on to feature the interview on their website along with a video, which you can check out below.

The article (written by Caleb Kraft) describes some of SmartBench’s attractive features, such as it’s portability and large format capabilities. Kraft goes on to compare the router with other competitors, highlighting how Smartbench is already generating enthusiasm from the same market.

YetiTool is beginning to gain momentum, with shipments for January and February already sold out. But they don’t plan on stopping there - it’s time to let SmartBench do the rest of the talking.

MAKE: Magazine article:



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