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Yeti news, articles and example projects

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Welcome to our blog page. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of our products and how to use them, or if you wanted a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our growing business, then you’ve come to the right place!




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  • Enabling Touch Screen graphics

    Enabling Touch Screen graphics

    The Rapberry Pi is undoubtedly the world’s most loved Single Board Computer (SBC). Let’s face it, at ~£35, the size of a credit card and the power to run a full blown operating system - that’s pret...
  • Yetitool attends MakerFaire Paris

    Yetitool attends MakerFaire Paris

    Yetitool were honoured to receive four Maker of Merit ribbons at this years MakerFaire Paris. The convention was home to an overwhelming abundance of talent, creativity and innovation, with an atmosph...
  • Making an impression with MAKE: Magazine

    Making an impression with MAKE: Magazine

    Caleb Kraft from MAKE:Magazine interviews our very own Ed Sells about Yetitool’s new, portable CNC router.
  • Routing Fretwork

    Routing Fretwork

    Fretwork Panels are decorative, geometric designs that are often used to jazz up housing interiors - which is exactly what we intend to use ours for. Traditionally made using a Fretsaw, the introducti...


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What's Happening in Vegas?

What's Happening in Vegas?

SmartBench is set to travel to Las Vegas for YetiTool’s American debut.
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