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SmartBench Spares & Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for your SmartBench V1.0, V1.1 and V1.2
£1.49 Exc VAT


£10.87 Exc VAT

Use this safety strap to reduce the risk of accidental console damage.

£37.80 Exc VAT

A replacement or spare extraction hose assembly for your lower beam.

£7.83 Exc VAT

A replacement or extra lower beam roller unit for your lower beam.


Our easy to fit X axis wheel kit for replacing worn or damaged SmartBench X axis wheels.

£25.71 Exc VAT

Compatible only with YS60319 or XL0222 onwards for information about how to find your serial number please see here

£88.29 Exc VAT

Our easy to fit Y axis wheel kit for replacing worn or damaged SmartBench Y axis wheels.

£2.16 Exc VAT

If you are having power issues with your SmartBench, you might need to check your fuses. Sold in a pack of 6

£425.88 Exc VAT

SmartBenches famous touchscreen console comes fully updated with the latest software features & fixes.

£68.04 Exc VAT

Complete SmartBench Dust Shoe for effective dust extraction, fitted with LED lights to signal the different status.

£3.93 Exc VAT

Our Dust Shoe Plug is compatible with all Smartbench models. Fit for safety whilst cutting, and effective dust extraction.

£17.66 Exc VAT

Z Axis Probe Plate for simple and accurate Z height setting.