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What sort of materials will SmartBench cut?

To a degree, the materials you can cut with SmartBench are limitless. 

Really the question you should be asking is "What type of cutter do I have, and is it suited to the material I'm looking to cut?"

The main things to consider when looking at materials SmartBench can cut is, do I need any cutter cooling? After that, it's down to your CAM strategy and the feeds and speeds you choose.

We've tested SmartBench with a range of material groups to give you an idea of the possibilities. 

Timber based products - Plywood. MDF, Chipboard, OSB, Solid hardwood/softwood

Plastics - Acrylic, Delrin (Acetal), PVC, Polycarb, Corian, ABS 

Aluminium - up to 3mm thick sheet

Composites - ACM clad (Dibond), Melamine Faced Boards

We have more to to add over the course of the next few weeks. Check back for an updated list.

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Updated on Wed, 15 May 2019 by Andy Mac

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